High Quality images for an Agency or for your Social Media & Website!

People love to see faces on websites or Social Media. It helps them to trust you!
Phone images are generally not good enough to put on websites. 
Professional images are high quality and display brilliantly. 
Have a look at some of the Headshots Amanda has captured in her photography studio.


Eye Catching Adverts to capture your brand!

Video Adverts are eye catching & are a brilliant tool for getting attention online
Think about the ads you see on Social Media - after a few repeats, you find yourself intrigued & clicking
on the link to check it out. This is what Videography can do for you
If you're stuck for ideas to capture the essence of your brand, Lady A Studios can help you. 
It's not easy to plan & execute great video adverts. In fact, to make videos look effortless - takes a lot of effort!
Have a look below at some of the videos Lady A Studios has created. 

Videography & Adverts
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ICE Recruitment - For Employers
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