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Small Business Social Media Consultant at Lady A Studios

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Where is Lady A Studios?

The studios are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 near the Quadrant Shops. You can park outside the studio. It is 20 minute train ride from St Pancras Station and a 5 minute taxi ride from the station.

Is the studio set up professionally?

The studio is set up within a totally professional large, allocated studio space. Professional photography with Bowens Softbox, professional WEX paper backgrounds and Canon camera are used to capture superior photos.

Is there parking, is it free and is it next to your Studios?

Yes there is FREE parking right outside my studio, on my driveway.


How much are Headshots?

The cost of your session is £60 and this cost covers your head and shoulders photos. Full body shots are £85 and you can make this decision on the day. Your session will last up to 1 hour. Please not there is a £10 charge for a new memory stick with your photos on, if needed.

How do I book?

You can book your Photoshoot Session HERE. Please note there is a non-refundable £30 deposit payable when booking to confirm your slot. Simply choose the best day and time from avaliable slots on my online booking calendar. The remainder of the invoice is payable on the day - I accept card or cash.

What do I need to do to prepare for the session? What should I bring?

You may bring up to 3 outfit changes and a jacket works well too. Don’t worry about your shoes as they will of course not be seen in your photos. I can help you with your makeup or styling as well as any other ideas that may work for you. I am here you make this a great experience for you. I suggest that you come with a range of outfit options; black, white and/or colour all work well. Choose any colours / styles that suit your type of industry. The camera picks up all creases in clothes, so please carefully iron all your clothes and come with the extras all neatly hung up. You park in front of my Studio so it is very easy to bring them all in.

What styles are avaliable for my shoot?

You will be offered a choice of backdrops and studio locations: a dark hotel boutique style, a white studio backdrop, an industrial style and you have choices of sitting on a high stool or on a lower ground lounge option.


Why do I need a collection of videos & how can I use them?

The fastest way to attract more clients/followers to your Business/Brand is by getting your message across to your listening audience in a creative way. Videography is brilliant for grabbing attention, these videos can go on your website and be used on your Social Media and/or YouTube channel. You may wish to have 5 videos taken which are used for Social Media to make contact and advertise/market your Services and/or Brand. See an example of Videography HERE. These videos have been designed and created for a small business, which they use for social media postings, adverts, attach to their websites, and demonstrating their business in networking meetings. If you require help with Social Media Ideas and Creations - I support many businesses with Social Media Strategic Marking Planning. I offer a FREE individual session which you can BOOK ONLINE.

How are these Business Videos created?

These videos are taken against a range of backgrounds, there are many backgrounds options for you. You may wish to take advantage of the stylish lounge, a contemporary loft style office wall or the photography studio with a bright background. You may want your video to be taken with or without your products. The videography sets are pre-arranged to look stylish, using expensive furnitures and artistic set ups to entice the clients. If you prefer the Raw look, this is available too.

What is the process for this Videography?

We have an initial planning meeting in my studio to decide the video remit style. We decide how we will introduce you to your business video. You may wish to bring in objects like a jewellery box or use a creative backdrop. We work together to create a storyboard for your images and a list of resources which will help your photoshoot come alive. You may require help with your scripts or what to say, which I can advise you.

What will I need to do to prepare & what do I need to bring to my shoot?

This will all be discussed in our planning meeting.You will need to bring the resources we have planned together, this can be borrowed or sourced through contacts. You will need to bring your rehearsed script. You will also need to bring a range of at least 5 outfits for the 5 videos that will be taken. Brighter plain clothes colours work well or colour co-ordinated if you require the colours to match your website and logo. Remember you are representing your Business/Brand so dress as you would dress for work or Networking Events.

How much does it cost and how do I book?

Package 1: We will create 3-5 short video adverts for postings. I work with my clients to produce short recording sessions producing 3-5 advert style videos. The cost of these videos starts from £249. Package 2: You may wish to go into more depth and explain your Products and/or Services through a business video. This will be created with subtitles/music and several sets. It is advisable to have a customer to record, or deliver a referral which explains why your business is good. The cost of these videos starts from £399. Package 3: A short advice video to help your clients with Q & As on your products, to help you explain how you work and to encourage them to meet you in person or purchase. The costs of these videos starts from £499 BOOK HERE.

Can you take these videos in different locations other than your studio?

I can take these videos in location of your choice, it may be a client’s house where you show how you work or have a client give you a recorded review. It may be at your workplace, your home or somewhere else. There is extra charges for travel time and petrol costs.

What will I receive?

You will be given a memory stick with your original videos on and any additional photos which have been taken.

Is there a payment scheme?

Yes, I'm pleased to offer a payment scheme. You will need to pay the deposit upon booking and the remainder can be paid over 1-3 months. The videos are released to you once the outstanding amount of the invoice has been paid.

How much time should I allow for my Videography Shoot?

You will need to allow a full 4 hours for the Videography Shoot.